Back again, with some news…

Wow, I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted here. I’ve been going through some health issues, that have had me out of commission.  I’m back now, and working on tons of new projects in SL.

First the big news!  I found out today that I am the winner of the Le Charme, Show Me Your Charm, February Model Contest!  I am completely astounded, excited and honored to be the winner of this contest.  If you’ve never been to Le Charme in SL, you have to check it out.  She doesn’t just make clothes – she’s got accessories, skin hair, and even some men’s things.  Here’s my winning entry:

My Winning Entry for Le Charme February Contest

Rainy Day Outfit from Le Charme

Here is the list of sponsors from the contest and the prizes they donated as well.  Make sure you check out their stores!

* 1.000L$ gift card Le Charme Fashion
*Invitation to Le Charme Model Agency
* 2 Profile Pics by Ro.Photography by Risita Ohmai
* Set of poses from MORGANE BATISTA
* 2 issues in wonderful RADAR MAGAZINE by Labella Farella
* Interview by Vanessina Venoscope that will be published in her blog
* jewels ZARI by Zari Genira
* skins-shapes-eyes by ESSENCES
*A home of your dreams by HBBW By Hoeg Boccaccio
* 1.000L$ gift card of furniture by C&S House and Furniture
*A frame by JAPAN DREAMS

A big thank you to Ramon Planer of Le Charme and all the sponsors for these wonderful prizes!  I am so excited to be February’s winner!

For some other news, for the last few weeks, along with my wonderful partner Marcus, we’ve been working on our new business, Everlasting Kiss.  We will be offering prefabs, furniture, accessories, and whatever else we decide to make.  So far the style of the things we’ve made has been a combination of shabby chic/beach casual/distressed, but that could change too.  I do have one set of furniture that’s Victorian/antique, so I guess it will be whatever we feel inspired to make at the time.  We’re not quite yet ready to open – still trying to decide on the animation engines for our furniture.  If anyone has any good recommendations, please IM me in world.  I’ll post some pics tomorrow.

Finally, I’ve also started to learn how to make clothes.  Yay!  I’ve made a few t-shirts and tattoos in the past, but I’m ready to branch out now.  I have always preferred to wear sexy, yet classy clothes, with clean, simple designs, that don’t show off all my naughty bits, lol.  It’s kind of hard to find such items in SL, most are waaaaay over the top sexy. So, I’m hoping to create some designs of my own soon.

That’s it for now, will be back soon with photos of some of our new builds and furniture.

Just call me the Blogging Queen, lol

I have just been hired as the official Blogger for the best lingerie store in Second Life – Lingerie Boutique!  Leanne Bebb, an amazingly talented designer, creates the most exquisite lingerie, with beautiful rich textures and colors.  Make sure you visit her store as soon as possible!  Don’t forget to join her group – and receive notices about new releases and all the wonderful group gifts.  Plus, Leanne is an absolute doll and since I believe it’s important to recognize and help business people in SL who truly care about their customers – make sure you visit her store!  Visit Lingerie Boutique’s blog at: 

Lingerie Boutique:

Winner of Lingerie Boutique’s Boutique Babe Contest!

Wow, I can hardly believe it, but I just found out that I was named as the winner of Lingerie Boutique’s Boutique Babe Contest for the following picture:

Eve1209 Quintessa's Entry

I am so honored and thrilled to have been awarded First Place!  Make sure you visit Lingerie Boutique in world. Leanne Bebb designs the most beautiful lingerie you’ll find in Second Life!

Virtual Bosphorus Announces Contest with a Chance to Win 30K Lindens!

Virtual Bosphorus & FC Inter is offering all those who shop at their mall a chance to win 30K Lindens.  It’s easy, just shop and get a chance to win!  Send your purchase receipt from your transaction history showing your purchase was from Bosphorus in a notecard with your full name to John Zelnik, and you will be placed in the drawing!

EXAMPLE: 05/13/2010 15:04:52 c394eae4 Source: Corbantis Priestman   Region: Bosphorus

The more you purchase, the more times your name will be entered into the drawing, so make sure to send each receipt in a separate notecard.

The winner will be announced on June 28, 2010, with plenty of supplementary prizes and gifts if you don’t win the 30K.  So start shopping today!

The Virtual Bosphorus Sim offers virtual soccer to SL residents, boasting a state of the art soccer arena.  Partnering with F.C. Inter SL, Bosphorus offers residents a soccer academy to teach virtual soccer, as well as soccer leagues and championship matches that are sanctioned by real life clubs.  Additionally, the Bosphorus sim offers world class shopping, with over 50 stores,  including such well known designers as UK Couture, Myth and Bliss just to name a few.

Virtual Bosphorus and F.C. Inter SL

Within the last month, I’ve started working with some wonderful people over at Virtual Bosphorus and F.C. Inter SL, at what is truly the best soccer stadium in SL.  A great article appeared in the SL Newspaper yesterday about all the wonderful things that are happening over there – including regular soccer matches, a soccer academy, plus live concerts at a state of the art concert venue with some of SL’s best know artists AND (my favorite) world-class shopping with some of the most well-known designers in SL!  Click here to read the article, written by my good friend Bixyl Shuftan.

Virtual Bosphorus Stadium

Virtual Bosphorus & F.C. Inter SL

More to come about Virtual Bosphorus and F.C. Inter Sl in the coming days and weeks. It’s an exciting sim, and an even more exciting time to be involved with it!

My beautiful new studio/gallery…

I finally finished setting everything up in my gorgeous new studio, designed by the incredible Mo Miasma of Morantique. 

Graphics by Eve New Studio designed by Mo Miasma of Morantique

 Stop by and see it at:

 Make sure to visit Mo’s Store, Morantique, in Liberty, to see all her wonderful creations:

Mo – Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my skybox and the beautiful furniture and accessories.  It’s absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t be happier!

Marketing, it’s not all about YOU!

As promised, the next article in my series on business and marketing in SL (or RL for that matter).  This is an article that I wrote a few years back, that I think many of you will find useful as you plan your marketing and advertising campaigns.

I remember reading one of those typical glossy teen magazines as a shy, 15 year old girl, and seeing an article about how to get a boy interested in you.  Of course, back then, finding a boyfriend and getting him to ask me to “go with” him was one of the MOST IMPORTANT things in my life.  Well, that, and finding the brightest, most blinding, neon pink, cut-off sweatshirt, clear jelly shoes, and enough Aqua Net hairspray to make my hair bigger, stiffer and higher than ever before, for our school’s monthly dance in the stinkiest gym you can imagine.  I was an 80’s chick, what can I say?  But I digress.

Anyway, the magazine gave a list of  “tips” to help a teenaged girl attract a teenaged boy and get him to ask her the all-important question, “Will you go with me?”  One of the tips that appeared on numerous lists back in the day, was for the girl to ask a lot of questions about the boy.  The girl should be interested in everything about the boy – what he liked and disliked, who his favorite sports team was, who his favorite musicians were, etc.  The article said that the girl should keep him talking about himself, because his favorite topic is himself, and she should not talk about herself at all.  If the girl really wanted the boy to be interested in her, she should appear to be very interested in everything about him – or at least feign interest in everything about him.  Hopefully the teen magazines of today aren’t instructing girls to forget about themselves and their interests just to get a boyfriend, but again I digress…

It got me thinking though, that marketing is a lot like getting that special boy to ask you to “go with” him.  It’s not all about you, it’s about him.  Your marketing message should be more about your prospects and less about you.  When your message is right and a prospect can feel you are really interested in helping their business in some way and you understand their needs, the end result will be that the prospect becomes a client – they will ask you to “go with” them.  (YES!  YES!  A thousand times YES!)  Those teen magazines sort of had it right after all, twenty years later.

Take a look at your marketing materials, your website and your classifieds.  Try to look at it from your ideal client or customer’s point of view.  Are you telling them what services you offer?  Are you telling them all about you and your business?  If you answered yes, you’ve been making a mistake that probably cost you some business.  You should be telling them how your services will benefit them and what you can do to make their business more successful and more profitable. Basically, what they will get by working with you.  Think of your ideal client or customer.  What issues are they dealing with in their business that you can make easier, better or more efficient?  What is it about what you offer that will give them an edge over their competition?  What value will they gain by choosing to work with you?  These questions should be front and center in your mind each and every time you create any type of marketing material.

I challenge you to take one of your marketing pieces (whether it’s an ad, a brochure, a flyer or a web page, it doesn’t matter) and rewrite it, keeping in mind that it’s not all about you.  Put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes and think about the things that would make you buy from your company, the things that would prompt you to take action, and incorporate them into your marketing piece.  When you are through, compare the two, and see which piece would prompt you to take action.

Just remember, to get a prospect to “go with” you, it’s not all about you!

DMG Creative Look of the Month May Finalist

I just got word that I have been named as one of the finalists for the DMG Creative Look of the Month Contest for May 2010!  This is the third time I’ve entered, and the third time I’ve been named a finalist (the first month I was awarded first runner up, the second month I was awarded third place).  Maybe this is my month?  Keeping my fingers crossed!  Here’s my entry:

Thank you so much to Docseree Mistwalker for all her support, and best of luck to all the other finalists!  I’m really so thankful to be a finalist again.  For someone so new to the modeling industry in SL, it’s truly an honor to be in a group with such well known models. You can see all the photos and read DMG’s blog here:

Boutique Babe – 2nd Place!

After attending a wonderful party last night for the grand opening of the new luxury shopping area AOTEAROA where Lingerie Boutique is located, I found out that I was awarded second place in the Boutique Babe Model Contest!  I am so honored, and I just want to thank Leanne and all the judges for this award.  Here’s the link to the photo:

A special thank you to my good friend Psy who was my escort for the evening.  We had a wonderful time dancing to the fantastic DJ, and watching an incredible light show at the sim.

Up next, I have entries in the SLFONE Model of the Month Contest, the Miss Icon Model of the Month Contest, the Toxic Kitty Poster Contest and DMG”s Creative Look of the Month.  Fingers crossed!

More contests, no news…

For those of you that are photographers out there, did you ever have a photograph that you started working on and you realized right away that everything was just “working” in it?  For me, it rarely happens, so I was really excited when this photo turned out the way it did:

I took a bunch of photos for Lingerie Boutique’s ‘Boutique Babe’ Photo Contest, and this was the one I submitted as my entry.  I’ve never had a photo get over a hundred views in Flickr within just a few days, or so many comments and faves, and all I can say is thank you!  I really did very minimal processing on this, just some lighting filters.  I was so lucky to have such beautiful lingerie to wear – definitely check out Fashion Boutique in-world, you won’t be disappointed! 

I also have to add a shout-out here to Mo Miasma of Morantique, who I bought the lovely drapes, sofa and chandelier from. Her work is exquisite and her attention to detail is second to none. Her furniture and accessories are truly a photographer’s dream!  I’m currently in the process of redoing my studio, to a custom build Mo Miasma skybox, so make sure you stop by to check it out.  Make sure you visit her store in Liberty and take time to visit the gorgeous skyboxes on display.  Thank you Mo for all the wonderful inspiration!  You’ll be seeing more of Mo’s creations in my work in the coming weeks. 

No news yet on the Style Box contest on Moolto, tho it looks pretty close.  Best of luck to the other contestants!

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